Entry #1

Greetings from the NG noob!

2009-03-23 23:06:41 by Toonsmyth

Greetings to everyone on NG. I know, I'm a noob here, but I JUST learned about this site and have started posting my FLASH animations and experiments for your enjoyment. I can see from some of the HOUSE MD reviews that you guys set a pretty high standard for quality content. I shall endeavor to do better on my next works. And for those of you who appreciate these "quickie-toons" for what they are, THANK YOU! Your kind words are inspirational and make it all worth while. More new stuff coming. Stay TOONed!


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2009-03-24 00:33:13

The twilight parody was funny, house md was hilarious, the shoe incident was really funny, but the game, eh, not so good. Might wanna stick to movies. Games are a bit more complicated than movies aren't they? Overall, I see a pretty good future for you here. Just keep makin' movies!


2009-03-24 05:52:42

Love your work, dude! Keep me informed on any new movies that you submit ;) You've got my 5-vote.


2009-03-24 07:46:51

There were some pops and shit with the sound. Better fix that.


2009-03-24 09:11:05

Your works are pretty decent. I think i've just found my favorite '09er.


2009-03-24 12:00:58

2 words:

You Rock


2009-03-24 15:12:02

You need to add preloaders and play buttons.


2009-03-24 16:46:33

You do good man, just a preloader would be nice. its not manditory, but it would help a bit. Keep it up


2009-03-24 20:49:04

You need preloaders

Toonsmyth responds:

noted. It shall be done.


2009-03-24 21:51:13

So, I just magicallymcfargley ended up watching some of your toons, and man. This is some funny stuff, subtle in some ways, and blatant in others! I think your going to fit juuuuuuust fine into the Newground community.


2009-03-25 00:36:22

Many props for your work man, loved the house. Keep it up.


2009-03-25 01:28:12

i like the way you spell your name...



2009-03-25 09:27:12

Welcome to Newgrounds! THANKS FOR COMING!! (No not like that)
Yeah I enjoy your flashes man. Keep up the good work.No fuck that. KEEP ANIMATING TILL YOU DROP!!!! LOL


2009-03-27 02:46:02

One of the biggest things to remember is: If someone rates your flash low, and says nothing helpful other than "this sucks man sorry it sucks" disregard it. Don't even let it get to you, because you know it's some 12 year old kid looking for porn.

You do good work.


2009-03-27 05:31:42

hey man, your stuff is brilliant. :) don't worry about newground folk voting bad on stuff there will be a lot more who really like it :D.


2009-03-30 23:00:53

Awesome work so far man :D I loom forward to you future submissions, yours stand out from my last 5 years of bein here


2009-04-18 18:16:09

I'm dying to see more! you have a great way of making fun of comercials and shows! House was my favorite, and if people tell you that your animation is bad, screw them! they dont know a good animator when they see one! hope to see more of you around here!